Military Grounding Training

Military Grounding Training

Military Grounding Training

Our Grounding Training Course For Military Applications Covers The Operations Of Aircraft And Naval Vessels, As Well As EMI Problems.

Electrical Grounding for military applications methods are presented in this course for operations of aircraft and naval vessels. These include operations such as fueling/defueling, parked evolutions store loadings hot refueling and all external power evolutions and on board ship, tiedown and static ground requirements.

Proper grounding is an essential for safely and reliably operating electrical systems. Improper grounding methodology has the potential to bring disastrous results from both an operational as well as a safety standpoint.

There are many different categories and types of electrical grounding principles. This Military Electrical Grounding Training course covers proper grounding techniques including low voltage Instrument and Control Systems that have been proven safe and reliable when employed in military operations.

The increased use of electrical and electronic equipment introduces risk of electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems to operations and performance will also be examined.

This course also contains information about bonding during Flight Line Electrical Distribution System (FLEDS) operations.

It also addresses shipboard bonding, grounding, and other techniques for electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic pulse (emp) mitigation, and safety.

This course also addresses Ordnance Facilities Protection against lightning and protection of Storage and Handling Facilities Above Ground and Earth-Covered Magazines.

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learnning outcome

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Who should attend :

  • Military Electrical Engineers And Engineering Technicians
  • Military Base Project Engineers
  • Design Engineers, Field Technicians, Military-Grade Electrical Technicians
  • Sensitive Electronic Equipment Operators
  • Air Force Electrical Engineers/Technicians
  • Aircraft Technicians
  • Naval Electrical Engineers/Technicians/
  • Military Electrical Supervisors
  • Telecommunication Technical Personnel
  • Civil Technical Personnel In Military Bases

Students will learn:

  • Understand Classification Of Various Military Grounding Standards. Codes And Rules
  • Be Able To Comply With Military Specifications
  • Comply With DOD Specifications
  • Ground Potential For Metallic Hull Ship
  • Comply With Department Of Defense Standards
  • Understand Military Emergency Power Systems
  • Interpret Offshore & Ship’s Grounding Systems
  • Understand And Deal With The Detrimental Effects Of: Natural And Manmade Electromagnetic (EM) Energy Spurious And Intentional EM Pulse Energy
  • Understand How To Design, Construct And Test Lighting Protection Systems In Ordinance
  • Lightning Protection Of Aircraft And Naval Vessels
  • Radiofrequency Shielded Enclosures Grounding
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