Grounding and Shielding Training

Grounding and Shielding Training

Electrical Grounding and Shielding Training

This Electrical Grounding and Shielding Training course Stresses The Fundamental Electromagnetic Compatibility Principles Involved In Typical Grounding And Shielding Problems.

Course stresses the fundamental electromagnetic compatibility principles involved in typical grounding and shielding problems. Understanding the objectives and techniques for grounding and shielding will reduce misconceptions and allow a more systematic approach to replace trial and error methods. For example, the course explains why a signal ground is not the same as a signal return.

Also, solutions for the numerous problems caused by wiring inductance are described and demonstrated. The course emphasizes the development of logical diagnostic techniques for identifying various types of noise problems. Often, the correct identification of the problem is more difficult than the solution.

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learnning outcome

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Who Needs Electrical Grounding and Shielding Training?

This Grounding and Shielding Course is recommended for electrical engineers, technicians, designers and release engineers responsible for electronic or electromechanical products. The course is at an introductory level; however, some knowledge of electronic circuits and system design is assumed. Several interference mechanisms and shielding techniques are demonstrated.

Students will learn:

  • Define Electrical Ground, Signal Ground, And Signal Return
  • Describe Various Grounding Techniques
  • Diagnose Noise Problems
  • Identify Methods To Reduce And Filter Noise
  • Define Inductive And Capacitive Shielding
  • Describe Techniques For Reducing Electromagnetic Coupling
  • Select Appropriate Cabling
  • Identify Methods To Ensure Impedance Matching
  • Identify Noise Coupling Mechanisms
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