Grounding In Mining Applications Training

Grounding In Mining Applications Training

Electrical Grounding In Mining Applications Training

This Electrical Grounding In Mining Applications Training course Covers The Proper Grounding Of Electrical Equipment At Metal/Nonmetal Plants And Mines, Which Is Necessary In Order To Insure Electrical Safety To Mine Personnel. Several Regulations In The Metal/Nonmetal Mine Safety Law Relate To Electrical Grounding.

Accident statistics compiled by MSHA’s Health Safety Analysis Center indicate that approximately 14% of all electrical fatalities occur from improper or inadequate grounding.

Once a reliable system ground has been established that connects all the metallic frames of electrical equipment together, then the grounding system must be placed at some reference potential.

Improper frame grounding is the cause of many electrical accidents in metal/nonmetal mines. It is therefore important that the frame grounding system be periodically tested to determine if the grounding conductor is continuous throughout the mine power system. This course will provide the information on how to conduct this test.

Grounding conductors in trailing cables, power cables, and cords, which supply power to portable electrical equipment require testing more frequently than the annual testing required of grounding conductors which are exposed or subjected to vibration, flexing, corrosive environments or frequent lightning hazards. This course will provide procedures and methods for these tests.

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Who Needs Electrical Grounding Training?

The mining industry uses a large amount of electric power. Their equipment is subject to extreme environmental conditions and mechanical shock. A significant number of electrical accidents are a result of improperly grounded electrical equipment.

Who should attend :

  • Mining Electrical Engineers And Engineering Technicians
  • Mining Project Engineers And Supervisors
  • Design Engineers, Field Technicians, Mining Electrical Technicians
  • Mining Engineers Responsible For The Engineering, Design, Construction, Installation, Inspection, Operation, Or Maintenance Of Electrical Grounding Systems In Mining Applications

Students will learn:

  • Understand Classification Of Various Mining Grounding Standards. Codes And Rules
  • Resistance Grounding In Mining Installations
  • High Voltage Trail Cable
  • Purpose Of Ground Monitor/Ground Monitor Operation
  • Neutral Current And Potential Relaying
  • About Ground Faults
  • Be Able To Comply With Mining Specifications
  • Comply With U.S. Department Of Labor Mine Safety And Health Administration Specifications
  • Understand Mining Emergency Power Systems
  • Understand How To Design, Construct And Test Lighting Protection Systems Adjacent To Mining Facilities
  • Lightning Protection Of Mining Shovels/Excavators
  • Portable Substation Grounding
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